You’re here. You have been pulled to this page and something has pulled you to me. You’re here. You’ve already taken the first step to fully showing up. You’re here. The fact that you’re reading this, right now, in this moment, means something.

You are exactly where you’re meant to be.


‣The brave babe who can see the old version of herself and her old life slipping away but isn’t sure how to navigate the transition

‣The Mum who is ready to start putting herself first, prioritising time and energy into the things that light her up, so she can show up fully for the incredible people who surround her

‣The lady who knows her passion is to help others and is ready to step into her power, go all in with her own business, creating massive impacts and shifts for the people she works with

‣The goddess who feels it deep in her bones that one or more areas of her life are completely unaligned with how she wants her life to look, feel and be and she’s ready to do something about it

‣The heart broken beauty who is looking for a helping hand and heartfelt warmth from a gentle likeminded soul to build up her world again, a world where she is at the centre, knows her boundaries and steps into her power daily

‣The visionary who can see exactly how her life is going to play out but has limiting beliefs, fears, habits and obstacles holding her back

‣The wild woman who is ready to unleash her passion and purpose into the world with a little love, support and a gentle push off the cliff to really start believing in herself

‣And you, the one cruising through life, struggling to identify with anything, but with a longing, knowing and an overwhelming belief, that there is more and you want in.

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What is personal bespoke coaching with Bids and what can I expect?

You choose how your coaching sessions are run, you decide how I will best serve you in each session, you choose where you would like to focus your energy on, on that day, in that coaching session e.g. One session we may bust out a massive next level version of yourself vision with goal and intention setting leaving you with practical actions to up level, and another session may focus on limiting beliefs that are coming up for you regarding a change in career, challenge in a relationship or discomfort felt from a certain situation, another session we might focus on MONEY, how to manifest and manage it! You get to choose how I will be of the best service to you in each session.

There will be a huge focus on flow in the sessions with minimal structure so we can focus our energy on what is coming up for you in that time and space

Combining a mixture of practical coaching, strategic coaching, goals coaching, spiritual coaching, energetic coaching and intuitive coaching. I would also be honoured to pull you a card at the end of each of your sessions if that is something that feels good for you

I am committed to being an open book. In these sessions you can ask me anything, we can dive into my experiences so you can learn from what I've grown through in any area of my life

Your sessions are intensive and high vibe, they are held fortnightly as 90 minute coaching calls across a 3 month period (6 sessions in total)

Expect massive results, transformation, personal and spiritual shifts, expansion and fully embodying the next level version of yourself

You will receive unlimited support from me on Whats App, I'm your on call coach and love to connect with you outside of the coaching sessions, supporting you through any soul work you commit to from the sessions as well as anything else that comes up that you need support and guidance with

You will also receive free access to any of my products, masterclasses and courses that I release during our three month period to support your journey (My aligned trainings will be turning into masterclasses and put up as products on the BP website next month, YAAAYY! So you'll be getting free access to them as well as free access to the brand new 8 week coaching program starting September 2019, more details to come on this one!)




How do I choose a coach?

No coach is better than the other. Let’s make that clear. We’re all different and our work is different, because it’s crafted and charged by our energy, our perceptions of the world, our personality and our unique experiences. My personal suggestions on choosing a coach… Find one who is aligned with your vibe. Find one who has similar interests to you. Find one that you feel is safe, supportive and is going to be easy to open up to. Find one who has created a life, or experienced things in life that you’re desiring to call in to your own life. That’s how I choose the coaches I work with. I truely believe everyone can benefit from investing in a coach. Myself included.

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Why would I choose you as my coach, Bids?

As I mentioned above, you’ll know if a coach is aligned with you. If you’re not quite ready to trust your intuition, here’s a bit more info about me. In terms of expertise and experience. I have been coaching women for 4 years, with my first official coaching client in October 2015. I’ve worked with over 80 1:1 coaching clients and 100+ group coaching clients. I am ICF (International Coach Federation) certified and completed my Diploma in Professional Coaching in 2015. But more importantly than all that, I am a human and have had many human experiences which have shaped my mindset, my life and my coaching style. Here’s a few, how many can you relate to?

  • My parent’s separated when I was 11

  • I went to university for 4 years because I thought that’s what I ‘should’ do

  • There have been many times I haven’t prioritised my holistic health leading to burn out

  • I’ve been in emotionally abusive relationships

  • I’ve worked in a job that filled me with anxiety

  • I’ve lived for the weekends never living in the present

  • I’ve lost myself in relationships and struggled through break ups wondering who I am

  • I’ve navigated losing friends and finding new soul aligned besties

  • I’ve stressed over money and felt shame around it

  • I’ve been completely disconnected from my higher self and spirituality

  • And so much more!

I’ve also experienced many fulfilling, positive and uplifting things in my life that have just been as important in shaping me into who I am today, which you can read about in my blog posts and on Instagram! I invest in my own personal, professional and spiritual development regularly and have worked with my own coaches for over two years now, who have all influenced my coaching style today. I’ve worked with Sunniva Holt, Ruby Lee, Daisy Moore and Jacqui Sive, to name a few. And will continue to do so, as I grow, evolve and experience my own personal shifts. We’re on this journey called life, together!


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