Why I turned down an all flights and expenses paid trip to Fiji and how it supercharged my self worth

Last week I was approached by a company running a retreat in Fiji. They were looking for a life coach to run workshops over the course of the retreat and had been recommended me. Their mission was to give their clients the opportunity to dive deep into their limiting beliefs and make some epic breakthroughs with me, all  while living it up in paradise.

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2018 Reflection. Thank u, next.

In 2018 I spent a whole lot of energy on things I couldn’t control and was reminded to focus on what I could control, me! I grew in ways that I hadn’t set out to explore. For a brief period of time I fell out of alignment with who I am and how I wanted to be living. There were a whole lot of tears and a whole lot of frustration, disappointment and questions.

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