2018 Reflection. Thank u, next.


As human beings we are so quick to focus our attention on the future, on what’s coming next, on what we ‘should’ be doing better and our next big goal that we want to dig into. We rarely, or let’s be honest never give ourselves five minutes to reflect on what we have accomplished, grown through and learnt from our experiences, let alone celebrate any of it! Yet we will be sending flowers and calling up a friend as soon as they achieve something that is the slightest bit epic. Why are we like this?

I’ve got your back.

You my friend are incredible, strong, resilient, beautiful, successful and courageous. I invite you to take some time to honour yourself and reflect on the year that’s been, before getting clear on your vision for 2019. Reflection is a key piece of the goal setting puzzle to ensure you are crystal clear on what you want to leave behind in 2018 and what you want to continue with and add to the next wildly fulfilling year of your life.

In 2018 I spent a whole lot of energy on things I couldn’t control and was reminded to focus on what I could control, me! I grew in ways that I hadn’t set out to explore. For a brief period of time I fell out of alignment with who I am and how I wanted to be living. There were a whole lot of tears and a whole lot of frustration, disappointment and questions. There was also copious amounts of laughter, feelings of fulfilment and accomplishment and knowing that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. I could write a bloody best selling novel of all the experiences that triggered these feelings but that’s not what is important. What is important is what I learnt from my experiences over the last 365 days. What is important is what I’m choosing to take with me into 2019 and what I’m choosing to leave behind in 2018. And just think how bloody amazing and empowering it is that we get to choose! Read that again. You get to choose my friend!!  

In 2018 I fell in love, twice. Once with the ocean and once with my dog, Nami. Dog mom was definitely not on my goals list for 2018 but we were 100% meant to come into each other’s lives. Nami has taught me so much about unconditional love, loyalty and discipline. I levelled up both personally and professionally, choosing to work with three different coaches throughout the year pushing through limiting beliefs I had been holding onto since childhood, focusing my energy on showing up as the version of myself that I wanted to be and focussing on what feels right for me, instead of what I think I should be doing. I restructured my businesses and got really clear on my overall vision for each one instead of getting caught up in the daily motions and just cruising along with the minimum. I worked with some of the most wildly inspiring, courageous and empowering individuals throughout NZ and Australia. I am thankful to be in the position where my days are are filled with most fulfilling and rewarding work on the planet. I had my first cover shoot for a magazine, became attuned to practice Reiki, learnt all about the powerful healing properties of essential oils and caught a wave out surfing after a 2 year hiatus. I stood beside a bestie while she said I do, showed up for my friends having their first baby and dug in deep to support other friends who are starting their surrogacy journey. I released what no longer serves me, people, beliefs, habits and material things. I got crystal clear on what I won’t tolerate in my life anymore.

In 2018 I learnt that people can only meet you where they’re at. I learnt that what someone projects to the outside world is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of them. I learnt that empathy is a both a blessing and a curse. I learnt that feeling all emotions on the spectrum is absolutely okay. We’re human beings, we’re meant to feel and that feeling a certain way doesn’t have to mean anything. I learnt that boundaries are the absolute most important thing to get clear on in your life, if you haven’t thought about your boundaries before now, I highly recommend you put pen to paper and think about what you will and will not tolerate in your life. What you will and will not tolerate from yourself and also from the people around you. When you are honouring your boundaries, you will always be in alignment, because you’ll be in the driver’s seat. I learnt to trust my intuition and be open to receiving signs from the universe, knowing that when one door is forced shut in your face, not to try and find the master key or pry it open with a crow bar but surrender and trust that it will be followed by a number of other doors that will bring you closer to what you need, deserve and desire. I learnt the importance of carefully choosing who you surround yourself with, your people will either support stagnation or they will support growth, ultimately you want to be spending time with people who inspire and empower you to live as the best version of yourself, nothing less. The universe has been trying to teach me that one for awhile now. Okay Uni, got it. If your mates aren’t celebrating your successes with you, supporting your journey towards your goals, bringing out the best in you and making you piss your pants from laughing so hard, then it may be time to find a new squad! Finally I learnt that plot twists can come at anytime and can be pure magic.

Thank you for to every single person that touched my life in one way or another throughout 2018. Thank you to my closest friends who had my back, who let me download my low vibes and frustrations even when they may have not been in the best space to listen, who made me laugh so much I woke up with an 8 pack the next day. Thank you to my empowering coaching clients, my heart bursts with pride from the achievements and personal growth they’ve been through this year. I am one lucky girl making a living from guiding others on their goals, growth and fulfilment journey. Thank you to anyone and everyone that engages with my photos, posts, stories and word online. I appreciate each and every one of you and I want you to know that none of it goes unnoticed! You are my driving force behind my mission and I cannot wait to unravel all of our 2019 plans so you guys can start reaping the benefits while I give back to you as much as you give to me. #allthefeels

2018 thank you for the lessons, the grit, the gratitude and the end of year plot twist.

2019 I fucking love you already.

***Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the GDNZ Group Coaching Program where we will be starting with a deep reflection before digging in deep and crafting out our 2019 vision, goals and strong foundations to bring it all to life with aligned action!***

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