Bids has been coaching soul clients on their own Goals, Growth + Fulfilment journey’s since 2015. She has worked with over 80 inspiring clients across NZ, Australia and the Pacific. Bids is a Goals Coach, empowering her clients to look at where they are now and where they want to be, while identifying what isn’t aligning between the two. Bids works with her clients through a number of Goal Diggers NZ services she has carefully created. With Bid’s support her clients craft a fulfilling vision of their ideal life, goals that are in alignment as well as focussing on a holistic approach to their overall wellbeing, routines and foundation.

1:1 Goals, Growth + Fulfilment Coaching…


The Aligned Action Laser Coaching Call is an affordable taste of what it's like to work one on one with a Goals, Growth and Fulfilment Coach. In the Aligned Action Laser Coaching Call we focus on one specific block, obstacle or issue that you're currently stressing about and we take aligned action!

One off Goal Setting session

The One Off Goal Digger Goal Setting Session is jam-packed full of value to support you on your own Goals, Growth & Fulfilment journey. You will create breakthrough magic by getting crystal clear on what you want to do, who you want to be and how you want to live your version of a kick-ass fulfilling life.


THE GOAl digger coaching package

The Goal Digger Coaching Package is the matriarch of all coaching packages. You will receive 10 weeks of intensive 1:1 private VIP coaching calls with Bridget combined with limitless accountability, support and community vibes!

Kind words from Bid’s coaching clients…

If I can get a few people to ask questions of their own lives and their own limiting beliefs I’ll be happy dancing. I am a catalyst for thought, opening up others to different opportunities, experiences and even beliefs. My own actions spark the thought that there’s always more out there, and that we don’t have to be held back by what we know. I lead my example.
— Bridget Paddon

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