The 8 Week Group Coaching experience that is empowering women to step into their light while living their next level luminous life


Definition: to brighten or make shine, to light up, to enlighten, to make radiant and luminous

You are the gatekeeper of your life. Shine bright.

This group coaching experience has been crafted with one purpose, to empower you to step into your light.

You are magic. Like the moon, the sun and the stars, you’re here for a reason and a purpose. Illuminate encourages you to explore the places where you are dimming your shine, the places you are hiding, the places where you are self sabotaging and the places you’re resisting to go. Together with myself and 5 of New Zealand + Australia’s most powerful coaches and practitioners who are shining their light, we are going to hold space for you like never before, to share, educate, coach and activate feelings, power, passion and purpose in you that you didn’t even know existed. Together, we are going to step into our light!


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The world needs your light!

I often get described by others as radiant, glowing, luminous and am told that my energy, smile and positivity are infectious. I influence and empower others, just by being me.

It hasn’t always been like that. I dimmed my shine for years. I let other’s dim my shine, in relationships, friendships and my work environment. I ate food that didn’t serve me, I punished myself mentally and physically, I spoke negative words to myself about myself, I was disempowered. I was disconnected. I reacted and complained about what I was experiencing in my life. I was scared. I was living with beliefs, stories and expectations of life that weren’t mine.

It took me years to realise that a) I was in control of my life b) I was worthy of a life I desired and c) that the world needed my light.

Now I choose to shine bright! I’m done with hiding! I am here and I’ve created Illuminate to support YOU to do the same!

I’ve brought together a sisterhood of amazing women in my life who are lighting up the world in their own unique ways! I love collaboration and showcasing other women’s passion, purpose and power!

So let’s meet the



The 8 Week ILLUMINATE Journey


What you receive…

‣ 1x 30 minute live training with me, Bids, to get clear on your intentions for your Illuminate journey and ground into the space

‣ 5x 1 hour live coaching trainings with me, Bids, on key pillars to create an Illuminated life

‣ 3x 1 hour live guest coaching trainings with leaders in the area’s they’re lighting up with passion, purpose and power

‣ 2x Live hot seat group coaching sessions with me, Bids

‣ 2x Individual card readings with me, Bids

‣ 1x 1:1 30 minute distance reiki healing session, chakra balancing and card reading with Bridget Jane along with a detailed follow up email from her with steps to move through what’s come up in the session and for self healing

‣ Weekly group card readings including a card of the week, a crystal of the week, oil of the week, song of the week and meditation of the week

‣ Access to the private Illuminate facebook group where all the magic happens! With full access to me, Bids and our support coach Tash, asking us anything and everything as you work through the course content - do not underestimate the power and energy of this group space

‣ Follow up workbooks and tasks to ensure you take action and implement what you learn in the trainings

‣ Accountability sister to share your experience throughout the Illuminate journey, we’re creating a sisterhood and an experience that will be a turning point in your life, I encourage you to share, support and connect as you step into your light

‣ Lifetime access to all training videos and all Illuminate content

‣ Connection and community like no other with like minded women on a similar journey to you along with the support of 6 of New Zealand and Australia’s most powerful coaches and practitioners

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What time are the live trainings and coaching calls?

I ask the group what time everyone is available to make it to the live trainings and coaching calls at the beginning of the course. In past group programs, most calls have been in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be one live training per week.

‣ What if I can’t make it to a live training or coaching call?

All trainings are recorded and instantly uploaded so are there for you to watch and work through at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the group, the videos and the content, as long as Facebook is up and running.

Which platform do you use for the group coaching program?

A private facebook group that you will be sent a link to join once payment has been confirmed. It’s all in one place, you will also be sent regular email’s outlining the weeks content and plan.

What do I need to get started?

Access to facebook, a journal or notebook and a pen.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes payment plans are available. You can choose from either a three month payment plan, 3x monthly payments of $599 or a six month payment plan, 6x monthly payments of $320.

‣I’m not based in New Zealand, can I still be part of Illuminate?

Yes absolutely! I’ve had babes join group programs from America, United Kingdom, Thailand and Bali in the past. We always make it work! Everything is online and all of the trainings are recorded and uploaded for anyone who can’t make it to them live so they can watch the magic of the replay.


I am honoured to be sharing this journey with you and infinitely grateful you’ve chosen me and Illuminate to share your time, energy and money with.

Thank you.

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