Bridget Paddon is the opposite of a highlight reel human, giving followers and friends a respite from the comparison trap. She openly shares the search for her own truth, in all avenues of life. By showing her own journey to do, see and be more in an open and accessible way, she empowers and awakens those around her to recognise their full potential.


Bids is here to…

∞ Show that there is power and self-acceptance in going after a life you want, by stepping out of your own expectations

∞ Open people up to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new beliefs

∞ Empower those who follow her

∞ Provide a space that is safe from the comparison trap

∞ Spread the power of goal setting + how to get clear on what the

kick-ass life you want to be living, looks like and feels like

∞ Be truly, unapologetically, openly herself. Because there is no-one else she would rather be.

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When it comes to sharing all aspects of life, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, it can be scary if I let myself care what others might think. I say oh hell no to that fear, letting go of social pressure so that I can share more of my own journey. I am fearlessly open, using my openness to empower others.

Bridget Paddon



Empower yourself

“Magic is created when you surround yourself with uplifting people. By living by my values and purpose I become a person that people want to be around and learn from. I seek to build and take part in authentic communities where we lift one another to the next level of life, empower one another and make that magic happen.”

Bridget Paddon



Bids is a Goals Coach, empowering her clients to look at where they are now and where they want to be, while identifying what isn’t aligning between the two. Bids works with her clients through a number of Goal Diggers NZ services she has carefully created. With Bid’s support her clients craft a fulfilling vision of their ideal life, goals that are in alignment as well as focussing on a holistic approach to their overall wellbeing, routines and foundation.